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Psychology Consulting

Robbie Michalski

NCAA Division III Student-Athlete

"Being a student-athlete requires you to balance academic, athletic, and social aspects of life. Building good habits and having good time management is essential to reaching your goals on and off the field. Lynn helps athletes learn these valuable skills."

Dr. Kristen Dieffenbach

Professor, University of West Virginia

Executive Director, U.S. Center for Coaching Excellence

"Dr. Pantuosco-Hensch's background as a coach, consultant, and educator makes her uniquely qualified to support long term athletic development for athletes of all ages. Using a combination of best practices from sport and exercise psychology and physical education, Dr. Pantuosco-Hensch helps parents, athletes and coaches make sport fun, positive and productive."

Dr. Rick Howard

National Strength & Conditioning Association Fellow

U.S. Center for Coaching Excellence, LTAD Committee Chair

"Lynn has an excellent and unique perspective on LTAD that spans from the classroom to the field to the home. It is rare to find a professional who has such coordinated experience and can speak with passion and expertise to parents, coaches, practitioners and athletes. Lynn is fun to work with and it is wonderful to share presentations, articles, and stories with her."


My name is Dr. Lynn Pantuosco-Hensch. You may know me through my work as a college professor and soccer coach. I also provide sport psychology consulting services.


I specialize in educational sport psychology and am able to help athletes improve their mental skill set. I’ve had the opportunity to work with individual athletes, teams, athletic departments, and other organizations from youth through college levels. My focus is on
long-term athletic development.


For those athletes interested in pursuing college athletics, I also provide athletic development services. Athletes can get support with the college recruiting and decision-making process.

What sets my sport psychology services apart is my evidence based, holistic approach. I provide practical, hands-on strategies for learning mental and life skills. My intention is to help athletes build good habits over time.

Springfield College '05 Doctorate in PE, Teaching & Administration

UNC Greensboro '02 Masters in Sport & Exercise Psychology

UNC Greensboro '99 Bachelors in Psychology

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