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Build Good Habits Over Time With Sport Psych Tips

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Periodically, I will share Sport Psych Tips here on my blog and Instagram. Thank you for subscribing and sharing. I welcome questions and comments.

The cornerstone of my sport psychology approach is building a strong athletic foundation which includes a wide range of mental skills and other good habits. These skills take time, intention, and repetition to develop. My hope is to help athletes cultivate good sport psychology habits that will enhance their overall athletic development.

My Background

I am a professor at Westfield State University. I teach courses in motor development, coaching, athletic administration and sports medicine. I frequently present at national, regional and state conventions. My writing appears in publications including the Soccer Journal, Journal of Coaching Education, Coach & A.D. and Strategies, as well as, popular blogs such as SHAPE America, NIH, and NEA.

In addition, I am a licensed soccer coach with the United Soccer Coaches Association. My background includes soccer playing and coaching experience at the college, high school and club levels. Presently, I coach for Juventus Academy Boston West. I live in Longmeadow with my husband and our four sons. During the summer, I run a soccer camp with my family.

My research and practical experiences promote better understanding and development of long-term athletic success... I encourage my students, players, and my own children to build good habits over time. #buildgoodhabitsovertime

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