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Summer Planning Sessions

Summer is a welcomed opportunity to rejuvenate but it is also an ideal time to get organized and get ahead. Off season training and preseason preparation are valuable for most athletes over the summer. Yet. what often happens is that planning and training are fragmented and uncoordinated. Athletes start off strong with that summer workout packet and tend to fizzle before completion... let alone building toward their longer term goals.

My intention is to help athletes get organized, meet their personalized needs, and hold themselves accountable over the summer. This is a great way to build confidence and practice perseverance - while of course setting aside plenty of time to be a kid and enjoy the precious summer months!

Schedule a Summer Planning Session for May/June

A planning session includes a meeting and written follow up with an athlete (and family) to plan summer athletic development.

An age/stage appropriate summer timeline will be developed with consideration of other aspects such as strength and conditioning, sport specific training, preseason training, college recruiting, and sport psychology. A wide range of planning, guidance, and follow up is available.

Summer Planning Session (included):

  • Summer overview

  • Basic recruiting timeline

  • Online profile introduction

  • Introduction email for college coaches

  • Guidance for highlight videos

Summer Series (additional services with guided deadlines):

  • Personalized summer plans

  • Sport specific recruiting timeline

  • Online profile editorial support

  • College coach communication drafts and plans

  • Guidance and feedback for highlight videos

Yes, parents - this means I will help your athlete plan, stay organized. and meet some summer goal deadlines! Priceless, right?!

Contact me for more information about single planning meetings or a summer series.#buildgoodhabitsovertime this summer!

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