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A Dozen Ways to Rethink Mistakes in One Minute

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

A while back I was asked to make a couple videos for the MIAA's Hub. In my video on Overcoming Mistakes,(scroll down under Self-Management), I talk about the nature of athletic mistakes and provide strategies for overcoming mistakes. As parents, coaches, and athletes it is important to anticipate and even encourage mistakes. Mistakes mean we are pushing ourselves to try new things or take on challenges. How we react to mistakes is far more important to athletic development.

In one minute, here are a Dozen Ways to Rethink Mistakes. Watch, like, save, share!

Create a culture where athletes can take chances, make mistakes, and avoid fear of failure (more to come on that!). Athletes, mistakes are an important part of your growth process.

About Mistakes
  1. Expect mistakes

  2. Practice reactions to mistakes

  3. Avoid one mistake turning into more

3 Ways to Overcome Mistakes
Click here to learn each strategy
  1. 3 Second Memory

  2. Reset with the 3 S's

  3. Quick Pic in 3 Seconds

Athletes, forget the mistakes, remember the lessons! #buildgoodhabitsovertime

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