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5 Favorites on Failure

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Similarly to how we can rethink mistakes and our reactions to them - it' also valuable to reconsider our views on failure. We tend to view success a linear trajectory when really the pathway is messy and anything but strait. I love this sketch and would happily give credit if I knew who first wisely put pen to paper. I've often drawn this on a classroom white board. We have to fail before we succeed.

I created a reel of 5 of my favorite takes on failure. My favorite of the favorites is "fail until you don't" which is also the book title by radio personality Bobby Bones. While not a typical athletic example, his Tedx comedically redefines failure. Should be required viewing for anyone who wants to be successful in their chosen field.

Athletes, the message is to reduce your fear of failure. Expect some challenges and progressively work to overcome them. Failure isn't usually permanent, nor is success.

Another good habit to build over time. #buildgoodhabitsovertime

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