I am a professor at Westfield State University in the Sports Medicine & Human Performance Department.  I teach courses in motor development, coaching, athletic administration and sports medicine.

I am an active member of SHAPE America and MAHPERD. I frequently present at the national, regional and state conventions. I regularly contribute to the Soccer Journal and Baystate Parent Magazine. 


In addition, I am a licensed soccer coach with the United Soccer Coaches Association (formerly NSCAA). My background includes soccer playing and coaching experience at the college, high school and club levels. Presently, I am a youth soccer coach in Longmeadow, MA where I live with my husband and our four sons. During the summer, I run a soccer camp with my family.  

My research and practical experiences promote better understanding and development of long-term athletic success... I encourage my students, players, and my own children to: Build Good Habits Over Time


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Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD)

  • Contributing to the research on LTAD as it relates to coaching education and youth sports 

  • U.S. Center for Coaching Excellence:

       LTAD Committee


Springfield College, MA

Doctorate in Teaching & Administration

Physical Education & Health Education Department

Sport Specialization

  • Researching specialization trends, sport sampling and pathways to athletic success

  • Coaching education relative to sports specialization and diversification


University of North Carolina at Greensboro

M.S. in Sport & Exercise Psychology

Exercise & Sport Science Department

Active Classrooms - DeskCycles


  • Exploring the relationship between active classrooms and academic achievement, physical fitness and student behavior

  • Exploring the relationship between DeskCycle use and student engagement


University of North Caroline at Greensboro

B.A. in Psychology

Minor in Business